is the ultimate video to audio conversion website. We are 100% free to use and do not have any up-sells for our users. site is safe, secure and simple to use so that you can quickly get the converted to the audio or other video format and get on with your day. We work on any computer, smart phone or tablet and there's nothing to install unless you wanted to use our plug-in for your browser, but even that's not necessary!

Using our tool is extremely easy. Just put in the URL to the video of your choice, choose the format you want to convert it to and click the "Convert it" button. It's that easy. You can convert youtube to mp3 or even a video format such as mp4, 3gp for those that want to convert to other video formats.

On top of all of those features have went above and beyond the competition and now offer a way to edit the converted file. For instance, if you decided you only wanted 10 seconds of a 2 minute you could simply use the visual audio editor to create that custom vuclips.

If you have any issues with website (technical or other) feel free to use the contact form (currently down, but there is an email there that does work). We are very quick to respond to these issues. While we originally created this site to be a youtube to mp3 converter site, we have stepped up our game and created alot more for our users, so we are constantly improving the features and performance of this site. So whether you're looking to convert youtube to mp4 files or download your favorite youtube videos, we've got you covered!

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